The Lakers’ biggest priority in the coming weeks!

With a new coach, the Lakers are preparing for the coming weeks with attention. The draft has arrived, just like the opening of the free agency, which will mark perhaps the arrival of new players in the Cité des Anges. However, the priority is elsewhere for the front office, which hopes to make a pretty hit by the end of the month. Explanations.

Now that the coach has found, in the person of Darvin Ham, the Lakers will be projecting on the upcoming events. The draft will take place very soon, before the opening of the free agents market. Despite limited resources, the Angelinos hope to recruit and thus improve this effectiveness, which is much needed after a relatively disappointing campaign. He even said that Rob Pelinka would have been a young star online to watcheven if the file is complex.

The Lakers rappeler doesn’t sacrifice leurs atouts, or presque, and Anthony Davis ’venue. Their next first draft round? He will not intervene before 2027, which is the problem for leaders, who have pockets full at the moment to negotiate with other teams. This could be explained at a Russell Westbrook conference party, where the finalement will be returned to a saison de plus in Los Angeles.

The Lakers, a priority in the draft?

But before thinking about recruiting players with some NBA experience, the Pourpre and Or had good intentions to take a closer look at the draft. Available a pretty coup in the past with Austin Reaves, and the front office logically wants to hand it over. Problems with Seoul? The franchise could not be selected, after the second tour: il faudra donc sortir le chèque, d’après le LA Times.

The Lakers will try aggressively to secure a place in the second round of the draft. Teams may be in need of money in trades, and even if an acquisition is necessary to release a future second round, we can be sure that the Lakers will try their luck to get that pick.

The choice for the Angelinos, who want to try to get a draft or second round option, remains to be seen who will be the seller. With Reaves turning out to be a very nice surprise for the bench, Pelinka absolutely wants to attract a new player. This will not surprise anyone, since with the possible departures, there will be up to 7 places available for this season in the roster:

The Lakers will be one of the favorites among the undefeated players, the team with many places and its roster, with the success of Austin Reaves as an example. And with penalties from the Bulls and Heat, who won’t shake their pick, the talent will probably be more present.

Before free agency, the Lakers will therefore make draft a priority. He will have to buy this tour, and then hope to have a good prospect, able to make a difference next year. This is widely possible as Austin Reaves showed, even if the error is too present. To the scouts to do their work.

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