The Kemperlé basketball club celebrated its 40th year – Quimperlé

Games, friendly matches and a beautiful dinner were at the 40th anniversary program, which was very festive, at the Kemperle basketball club, Saturday 11 June. The occasion to recall the origins of the club, founded in 1982. “But basketball has been present for a long time in Quimperlé, there was a basketball section in the West Guard and, after a few years of closure, it started from 1968 to 1982 at Étoile Saint-Michel and then at FC Quimperlé. In 1982, with a centaine de pratiquants, the basket became independent with the entry of KBC », rappelle Philippe Nicolas. Your son, Yvon Nicolas, has become the club’s main president. Subsequently, Jacques Dabit, Guy Maho, Andrée Nicolas, Marie-Thérèse Danilo, Philippe Nicolas, Raymond Madigou, Julien Flouret, Florent Maillet, Florian Nicolas and the new Philippe Nicolas, co-presiding with Marion Lanoëlle, since five years.

203 licensed and a duo of presidents

Today, the binome at the head of KBC works wonderfully: “It may have been complicated at times by two presidents at the head of a club, but we have never had the least concern about it. We heard very well, that’s the key to this march, “said Marion Lanoëlle. This duo has nothing wrong with giving dynamics to a club that never lacks initiative.

The KBC today counts 203 licensees divided into fifteen teams. “We passed 230 licenses in 1992-1993, after the Barcelona Olympics.” Today, the club atteignnait 240 licenses, il ya dix ans, avec le boom du baby-basket. KBC has always remained a solid club. “It was until a regional division in 1988-1989,” recalled Philippe Nicolas. The club remains active, every week, in the Kerneuzec Hall, where basketball is the most practiced sport since 1972.

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