the Ifab definitely validates the rule of five changes per match

On the occasion of a meeting held Monday in Doha, IFAB, the organization that guarantees the rules of the game in football, has finally adopted the rule of five changes per match.

The principle of five changes per team and per match instead of three, introduced following the Covid pandemic, was “definitively validated” by the International Board (Ifab), which guarantees the rules of football, Monday in Doha (Qatar) . The evaluation of the semi-automatic off-game detection, which Fifa plans to use during the World Cup in Qatar on November 21 or December 18, “continues” and “is still very satisfactory”, at also said its president Gianni Infantino, at the end of the 136th annual general assembly of the Ifab.

“There are no experts for this analyst before deciding whether we will use it in the World Cup or not”, added Infantino, while Pierluigi Collina, president of the Fifa Referees Commission, said ” confiant “quand à child use pendant le tournoi. The semi-automatic technology promue for FIFA doit permettre d’accélérer la prize de décision. It is based on cameras that serve the television broadcast as well as special cameras that give the exact position of the players on the field, offering the referees precise information in a matter of seconds.

Up to 15 replacements on the match sheet

The members of the Ifab have also “decided to increase the maximum number of replacements on the match sheet from 12 to 15 at the discretion of the competition organizers”, he said in a statement.

In October 2021, the keeper of the rules of the game had left the choice in each competition to adopt the five changes per match or not. This amendment to the “law 3” of football, which usually provides for a maximum of three replacements per match, had been decided in May 2020 by the Ifab and had to run until the end of 2021 for club competitions and until July 31, 2022 for international meetings. The measure had been extended until 31 December 2022 after a “global analysis of the current impact of Covid-19 on football”. All competitions were not opted for an increase in the number of replacements, the Premier League was the refractory and the notable.

Soon to be touched?

Finally tests will be put in place, including refereeing and game time management explanations. The idea of ​​making touches with the feet launched by Arsène Wenger will also be studied.

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