The Gwada Boys continue their race towards the Gold Cup winning them over

The Gwada Boys prevailed by 2 goals to 1 this Saturday at the René Serge Nabajoth Stadium, at Abymes, against the national team from Barbados. De quoi qualifier les protégés de Jocelyn Angloma para sa Gold Cup noong 2023.

The Gwada Boys paid tribute to their home audience and ont pu to repeat their victory over Barbados. Jocelyn Angloma’s men prevailed this Sunday night, June 12, at the Abymes Stadium, against Barbados, 2 goals to 1, in the race to qualify for the Gold Cup.

It was with a nice goal by Thierry Ambrose in the 5th minute of the match that the score opened. A beautiful start in the game which was followed by a second goal in the 26th minute, on a penalty in favor of Mathias Phaëton’s Guadeloupe.

But from the second half, the Barbadiens began to attack and let nothing go.u point to score for the first time, in the 56th minute, a goal of Kadeem Atkins.

Red card for them Bajan Tridents who had to end the match at 10, for 89 minutes on an Akeem Hill faute.

The Guadeloupeans, by force of courage, finally managed to maintain their advantage and thus achieved a new success in this campaign.

The Gwada Boys have already prevailed against the Bajan Tridents of Barbados, it’s been four days since the match going to Saint Lucia. Victory drawn on the smallest of advantages but victory all the same.

You will no longer receive qualification directly for the phase finale of the Gold Cup 2023. Three points tonight for Jocelyn Angloma’s men who put them in preference before the two denier matches that will be played in March 2023.

It has to be said that the defeat was forbidden for Jocelyn Angloma’s men because otherwise, the Gwadas Boys would have been eliminated directly. During the same evening, the Cuban team, she, prevailed 3-1 against Antigua. Both teams also qualify for the Gold Cup in 2023.

Pour the moment, l’équipe de Cuba i-retrouve en tête de ranking, followed by celle de Guadeloupe and finally celle d’Antigua.

Meet on March 26, 2023, at the Abymes, for the next match that will face Guadeloupe against Antigua.

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