The golf war (s) is declared

Surgeons, traitors, cupids… of the 48 golfers who reached the first tournament of the LIV Golf on June 11, are accused of all malice by all words. Incidentally, they took part in a historical event that has already upset the established order.

They will at least accomplish something incredible: make it through the PGA Tour for a desirable charitable association which risks being diluted in a downpour of dollars into oil spills. And yet, the history of golf and showed that money was rarely an odor…

All the while, the players wanted to win more

Early professionals from the end of the 19th century, accused by amateurs (often awkward) of denigrating the game, to Arnold Palmer then Tiger Woods who turned the discipline into a show business, the money ended up ruling as master. It has been, until then, a beneficial factor for the development of golf.

Today, a state wants to pay more

Now place in excess. Today, it is a state hydre (Saudi Arabia) with three, four, five heads (Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau … etc) which seeks to make the company evolve into a prosperous multinational, working for its image. Let us not hide behind our bondage or our love of the game: there is a factual reality with which it must be composed: money!

Golf did not expect Saudi Arabia to sell its soul

All other political considerations stem from the same hypocrisy: many indexed countries use golf as a means of “sports diplomacy” (SportWashing) and several PGA Tour title sponsors are not to say so. of reputable companies.

Before becoming a chameleon alone, Saudi Arabia was in advanced talks with the DP World Tour who could otherwise take advantage of the situation.

Silver is the engine of the swing

Any financial consideration provokes an emotion that is understandable in view of the situation and the world. The astronomical numbers are the same, according to Pascal Grizot, disrespectful of golf traditions. But it is important to understand that the professional golfer is first and foremost professional, then golfer. Golf is a trade, it is no longer a passion. Contrary to us, poor amateurs!

Golfeurs ont attendu l’Arabie Saoudite sell tradition

South Africa Charl Schwartzel has just won the first tournament of the LIV Golf dissident league. The former Masters (2011) winner has won no more since 2016. That year Schwartzel had accumulated $ 2.9 million in profits, his biggest sum over a season. Over the last 5 seasons, on average per tournament the South Africa has earned a little over $ 65,000 per tournament.

On Saturday, the Johannesburg native broke the record 4.75 million dollars (1st individually and 1st as a team), either the most important gain in all golf history. Almost double that of Masters 2022 winner Scottie Scheffler. At his victory in Augusta his check was $ 1.44 million.

It can be a dream come true, but it is especially dreamy. And what does the other win? This is where the mat hits: all his teammates, now potential millionaires, are ready to challenge none of the traditional tournaments that have nourished the history of golf. Triste, grabe.

Immediately taking care of Premier League clubs for Lee Westwood’s Super League project taking care of moqué on son tour in cupidité. The same goes for his compatriot Ian Poulter, who is said to be attached to the history of European football.

Gagner plus pour disputer moins

The more titles of these renegats no longer seem to accept the competition. Under the guise of family well -being – more money and more time to devote to loved ones – these poster heads go for save on average $ 520,000 in tournament winnings while the competition is much less rude, as much by the quality as by the number of participants. A golden retreat you say! To ask if the fact of risk is no longer able to dispute the majors or the Ryder Cup really matters to them.

LIV Golf is a show, see a circus

Le LIV Golf proposes – pour instant – a series of exhibitions on the sporting eye more than negotiable. 48 players, all invited, no cut, and get 120,000 dollars for the worst among them Andy Ogletree, +24 on three tours and who has not been able to play less than 75 in London.

It tends to be a show in America, where a few superheroes or superheroes evolved with a few hopes and a lot of antiquity and non-grades. A small, cupid army that seems not to want to save the world of golf but rather to destroy it.

With few arguments in favor of sports equity, it is unlikely that the request addressed to the committee in charge of the world rankings will succeed immediately.

A bad for a good?

Here for the critics … Place now to the facts. Johnson, Mickelson, DeChambeau, Reed, Garcia, Poulter that company could have the worst reasons in the world, they were the first to force world golf to reinvent itself. Obviously, this disruptive intrusion wouldn’t it be a bad thing for a good?

The public and spectators have a role to play

You have to admit, professional golf would have won to be more accessible on television et more readable pour commun des golfeurs. Is it too much to follow in a single world calendar, the most important tournaments? To watch golf on our screens for free? Shall we meet the spirit of golf by offering more sophisticated formulas (shot-gun or 3 rounds) with a more modern style?

The PGA Tour will be a composer

Ahead of the public outcry, possible demonstrations of a victims’ association on September 11 when the LIV Golf caravan arrives in Oregon at the end of June and the loss of sponsors (which is already happening much), which risks the pros ?

Everything is still not very clear in the realm of pro golf. The premier coup de golf tapé on the PGA Tour has suspended the “traitres” that include s’aligner and tournoi du PGA Tour in the new order. They even dropped out of the FedEx Cup this Monday.

If this season, like the US Open, we see the other two Majors follow in the footsteps of the PGA Tour, next year’s sporting run will remain in the dark. What will be the new selection criteria and especially invitation? Will the battle take place at the court level? Clearly, money will be stronger than law ? The PGA Tour with devoir composer poured éviter de devenir, à term, who is a satellite circuit, and mieux un circuit tronqué.

Augusta to possible arbitrator

Once again the big events that host the 4 Majors (not counting the Ryder Cup) will have their say. It will be especially interesting to see Augustus ’position on the matter. Apart from international statutory obligations, directing the Masters by invitation and strong in his history, he can print a trend: that of conciliation or rupture. In the meantime, the golf war will take place …

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