the Girondins react after their demolition and call!

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The Girondins of Bordeaux do not intend to stay there. Appointed as conservatory by the National Directorate of Management, the French club has decided to appeal the decision, as announced in a statement. The Girondins were relegated to Ligue 2 after a nightmare season clipped to last place in the standings.

In its statement, the club justified its decision: “It is with resentment that FC Girondins of Bordeaux are taking action from the decision of the National Directorate of Management (DNCG) pronouncing the administrative reinstatement of the club in National 1. The club is obviously calling for this decision. »

The Girondins of Bordeaux, however, estimated that it was necessary to provide adequate guarantees to the DNCG: “Audited on 14 June 2022 for the DNCG, the club has presented the guarantee of the majority shareholder to the amount of € 10M, an agreement with the club’s debt holders, as well as offers for the sale of some players, whose cumulative amount exceeds the objectives set by the Commission. While the market is just starting, player sales have not yet been able to be concretized. Despite the concrete proposals of the club’s management to guarantee the club’s permanence, the DNCG sanctioned the agreement with the cronies who were judged insufficient, the absence of pre -financing of the sale of players, as well as the absence of ‘ abandoned by the owners of interests in the sale of players in favor of the club. »

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The Girondins of Bordeaux reacted after the DNCG’s announcement to relinquish the club to National 1 as a conservatory. The club, led by Gérard Lopez, has decided to appeal its decision to try to stay in Ligue 2.

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