the Girondins of Bordeaux relegated to National 1 by the DNCG, the club calls

The Girondins, who have sports relegated to Ligue 2, will appeal the decision of the French football gendarme.

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The news was feared by Bordeaux supporters, and finally collapsed, Tuesday 14 June. The Girondins of Bordeaux, relegated to Ligue 2 sporting at the end of the season, have been sanctioned by the DNCG, the gendarme of French football, for an administrative reinstatement in National 1. The club has announced its intention to appeal, and should therefore present themselves before a new audition.

The LFP made this decision public after a financial examination of the girondin club, owned by businessman Gerard Lopez, by the National Directorate of Control and Management.

The club reacted quickly, taking action “with consternation” of the decision, and announced his intention to do so “well of course” appeal. “This brutal decision – after an audition of almost two hours that took place under good conditions – left the club free to pursue the implementation of the sanitation strategy of its financial situation.”deport the Girondins.

Bordeaux is facing current financial difficulties and has not been able to reassure the DNCG, the financial gendarme of the French League. These challenges add to a catastrophic sporting season, ending in last place in Ligue 1, with an unpublished relegation since 1991-92.

The League also announced Tuesday that the DNCG had not taken “no measure” to the Losc. The green light was also given for Amiens, Caen and Saint-Etienne in Ligue 2, as well as for Red Star in National 1. On the other hand, FC Annecy (L2) is affected by a “salary management and mutation allowances”according to the League.

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