the friendly match program

For Pro D2 clubs, the 2021-2022 season officially ended last Sunday with the Top 14 access match contested by Mont-de-Marsan (defeat against Perpignan 16-41). But for the vast majority of them, it ended on the 12th of May on the evening of the 30the and last day. Also, after a few weeks of well -deserved vacation, the time of the resumption is approaching.

Pour FC Grenoble, seulement 12e of the last exercise, she will intervene on Monday 27 June.

The Reds and Blues will then train throughout the month of July. There will be after the friendly matches and the FCG staff have two programs for its effect: Friday 5 August in Béziers (Pro D2) and Friday 12 August against Oyonnax (Pro D2) at a place that remains to be determined.

This second match will take place without a doubt in Dauphiné as the two neighboring clubs have taken on the habit of clashing each summer, alternatively at one and the other; and sa 2021, it was USO who had welcomed the FCG at Haut-Bugey (23-23).

The final program is expected to be official soon by the Grenoblois club.

There will be no friendly match on August 19/20 for the Grenoblois. Which will leave them a rehearsal weekend before entering the 2022-2023 championship, its 25 or Friday 26 August.

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