The French Championships at Roland-Garros

On June 21, Roland-Garros hosted the French championships in the Seniors individual tennis. National youth championships categories, 2e3e at 4e series will be held between Porte d’Auteuil and Rouen until November.

The return. Although the Roland-Garros Stadium has hosted the 2 trialse series (Critérium) last year, the individual French championships make their big return to Roland-Garros after having been relocated since 2015. From June 21 to July 9, sa 1re session will be aimed at players who are between 35 and 80 years old. The beaten ground courts of this mythical screen will vibrate for nearly three weeks to the rhythm of right -handed strikes, reversals, aces and smashs.

The 35 -year -olds will also be honored at Roland -Garros

“These French championships have a special flavor: the return to Roland-Garros Stadium. After long years of work, these trials return to “home.” Playing in the most beautiful beaten ground in the world, the most prestigious, you can impress, but I’m sure our best representatives will be at the top of the place. Indeed, in an individual championship, one plays for oneself but the qualification system of the league championship makes one also played for one’s club, its department and its region. “revealed Éric Largeron, vice-president in charge of competition in an FFT press release.

Categories 15-16 years, 17-18 years as well as 2e series, 3e series and 4e series will also have the privilege of treading the terrain of Roland-Garros. These age groups will take part in the French Championships on the 2nde session. This will start on August 12 with the entry level in the 15/16 years and will end on August 28 with the 4e series.

As for the 13/14 years, the French championship is scheduled in Rouen (Seine-Maritime). The first contest starting on November 19 will pour in on November 23. While the 12 -year -old category will take over for a finale scheduled on Sunday 27 November.

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