the first military world championship arrives in Agen

Nine nations responded present to the men (France, Spain, the Netherlands, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Australia, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Côte d’Ivoire), the rugby women, they, will come from five countries (France, the United Kingdom) -Uni, Australia and Spain). “Australians have already arrived in the early part of the week,” he said.e Regiment de transmission d’Agen qui organize the tournament. The other military selections will arrive on Wednesday to proceed with the draw at the end of the matches. »

The Blues at 7 are already shining

Thursday, place at the opening ceremony, always at Armandie Stadium with, from 7pm, the arrival of the flags by the sky, thanks to parachuting (nothing to see with the election failures here) of colors. An opening ceremony open to all and to all who precede the active phase of the competition which will begin on Friday with the qualifying matches. “As it is a world premiere, there are no series heads,” explains project leader and deputy chief Elisio Dartoen. There will be two boys for the men’s tournament, the girls will play a championship and meet all the teams. »

After having won the balloon of a Top 14 meeting in 2012 between Agen and Clermont, the soldiers of the 48th RT and other armed forces raised their colors from the sky.

Émilie Drouinaud

On the sports side, the victory of the first military rugby world title has 7 promises to be open. “We don’t really know the level of the selections,” says Elisio Dartoen. The French, they have some results to make during their participation in the World Series of the “Seven”, with two podiums in 2019 and 2021 at 9e place at the Dubai tournament in 2021.

Members of the 7 -member French military team that includes the three weapons as well as the gendarmes.

Members of the 7 -member French military team that includes the three weapons as well as the gendarmes.

48e RT

Organized under the auspices of the National Center for Defense Sports and the “International Federation”, these world championships are the first step towards the recognition of rugby at 7 as one of the official disciplines of the armed forces. But the objective of this tournament is also closely linked to the host territory.

Feast of the Aegean

An Aegean festival where several animations will be available for large and small. During the three days of competition, a village of terroirs will open at the stadium next to Rabal, with exhibitions and animations (free for children). This Wednesday afternoon, two wheelchair and laser chair demonstrations will be accessible in downtown, featuring Wilson and Castex.

“Even if the entrances to the stadium are paid, we will reverse the profits to the benefit of a Defense Injured Association,” he said.e RT. We want to put first the meaning of the reception of our city. On Saturday night, for example, after the matches, we organize the broadcast of the semi-finals of the Top 14 (Montpellier-UBB), followed by a match of legends led by Philippe Sella against the officers of the army with a concert for clore the day. »

Rugby World Championships from June 7 to 17 and 19 in Agen France, Australia, United Kingdom, Spain, Cameroon, Netherlands, South Korea, Côte d’Ivoire, Georgia, Uzbekistan-12 guerrilla countries who ‘ will confront … there will be only one left. Support your favorite team, because the fight will be over. If it passes by your house, it would be a waste to pass by. So, in order not to miss anything and to have all the information on and on -> follow the event on the official page. Agent – France🤩

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