The first game started at the Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Yesterday, July 7, 2022, you will find the pleasure of playing the tennis courts in Matchpoint Tennis Championships. Édité by Kalypso Media, and the australien studio Torus Games is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Switch. And first, on the Game Pass from the day of its release.

You doubt it, the principle here is rather simple. If you want to have a goal, you can get a tennis champion. To do so, you will have all the pleasure of creating and personalizing your own champion. Right or left, you choose what you prefer. If it is possible to choose your champion’s favorite techniques, he or she will all have to go through the training program designed by your personal coach, history to improve your strengths and rub some of your weak points.

In addition to the solo career mode, the Matchpoint Tennis Championships offers de défier des adversaires du monde entier via du multijoueur en ligne. Matchmaking is based on a ranking system. The season, which will take place on 26 terrains, will require you to adapt your game depending on the surface of the court. The game also promises to put in front of 16 players on the professional circuit. However, he should not count on the biggest names in the discipline.

Bande-annonce of Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Features of Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Developer Torus Games
Editor Calypso Media
Date of sortie France July 7, 2022
Genre Simulation, Sport
Website Site Official
Platforms steam | PS4 | PS5 | Isa | Xbox Series | Switch
Languages ​​available English | French (subtitles only)
Launch price € 49.99

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