the firefighters of the Landes are champions of France

Failing to practice together, the Landais lined up as many experienced players as young people developing in the club. The instruction was: “Play to the maximum, the touches as fast, and all the penalties at hand! In the end, “everyone is very involved in the game, being very present in the rucks.”

“The jubilee of the oldest”

After winning against their three chicken opponents, the Landais eliminated Marne-Vosges-Haute Marne in the semi-finals, and finally Haute-Loire at the end of a “quality final” (17/3) , despite seven ahead on the line that could have upset the score ”. “It’s a pity that Montois Jérôme Salis, ” Frigo ”, has shorter arms than the stomach! “, The Dacquois are still sleeping…

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