“The feeling of being past something big”

How much do you keep track of the coming season?

We can assume that we have had a good season. But on the other hand, one must admit that she is abusive.

We find in the French Cup final that Pau-Orthez is better psychologically prepared than us and we lose. He was hoping for the Champions League Final 4 and was eliminated in the quarter, just before.

We had the top-4 of the regular season in the viewer and, in the bad end ( four losses including in the last five releases ), came seventh with a victory in fourth place.

“We are part of the sure values ​​of the championship”

And there is this elimination in play-offs, quite unbelievable ( the GIG that won the match to go to Monaco lost the next two after overtime ). There is a relative disappointment because we have the feeling of being overtaken by something big. There is already a bit of frustration.

But there is also the fact that we are part of …

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