The fatigue caused by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown?

Jayson Tatum responded rather well in Game 5 with 27 points at 10/20 on the shot, 10 rebounds on 4 passes but his airballs, his free-throw rates (2/6) and his ball losses left a laugh. visual impression.

The Irish thus completed the final quarter at 1/5 on the shot, while Jaylen Brown completed this final round at 1/4. Yet the authors of a great run in the third quarter, so the Celtics stumbled into the next, behind their All-Stars duo Was it just the effort made to get back into the match?

“Maybe” answer Name Udoka. “They were left on the field longer to return in the third quarter. It seems that our decision -making has not been bad in the last quarter. It can come from that. But there was not much production on the part of the bank. So we stayed with them a little longer, and they brought us back, while the dead were our means of obtaining rest. »

It was indeed the first playoff time with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown unable to review and third quarter-time. Like the hare in the fable of La Fontaine, the Jay’s had to give it their all to get back into the race, defending the integrity of the second and third quarters.

Jayson Tatum shot 56% and in the premier quart-temps… and 24% and in the dernier

But for Ime Udoka, this fatigue in the last quarter was the consequence of his team’s early match rate (24-8 after almost ten minutes of play), which forced him to take on his leaders to get back into the game. match. And the coach was too bad to explain this completely missed start to the match.

“This start is hard to explain. His lack of physical impact at the beginning of a match. They started by attacking us, we had a bad end in the racket. It was clear enough »detail it. “24-23 in the second quarter, we are quite good enough to be close enough to the second quarter. Obviously, I already had the third quarter. Maybe fatigue played a role in the fourth quarter. But the start -up was globally missed. It’s hard to explain. In the estimated income. Ball losses, rate-breakers, a little too much discussion with the referees didn’t help in the fourth quarter. »

The coach denied yourself due to fatigue throughout the series of longues facing Milwaukee and Miami. Interrogators, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown did not experience fatigue.

“I had a few shots that were short” the premier agreed. “I just can’t fail at that. Use my hands. Forcibly, we are a little more fatigued in the fourth quarter than in the first. The legs should be a little more solid on some of these shots. Ibuhos give yourself a chance. »

Ibuhos si Jayson Tatum, this low efficiency in the line of minutes has become recurring in these Finals. In the series, the railroad turns thus with 56% success in the first quarter (14/25), 34% in the second quarter (11/32), 33% in the third quarter (8 /24) and only 24% in the last quarter (5/21).

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