the EFA is thinking well of an opening mini-tournament in 2024

Eager to find new cash backs and renew its offering around the Champions League, UEFA plans to organize a mini-tournament of four before the start of the competition. The new format began in 2024 and impliquer the tenant du titre.

Following the abolition of the Super League project and the introduction of a new format for the Champions League, the EFA intends to revolutionize its core competition. The event chaired by Aleksander Ceferin plans on a mini-tournament project at the opening of the Champions League from 2024, the AFP was informed on Tuesday of the European football event, thus confirming an initial AP information debut mai.

This mini-tournament will compete against four European teams, including the C1 title holder, according to Team Journal. It was proposed in a tender document for the period 2024-2027.

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An idea discussed but not yet acted upon

Contact the AFP, the UEFA and admitted that it was “an idea mentioned in the tender, but nothing has been decided”. This change would not necessarily involve the number of matches, according to a source with knowledge of the file.

Starting from the 2024-2025 season, synonymous with the new C1 formula, the Champions League will begin with an 8-day mini-championship with 36 teams, against 32 clubs competing today in the 6-day group stage. In total, 225 matches will be played, instead of 125 today. From offering a nice show to supporters to guarantee EFA of hundreds of contracts with broadcasters.

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