The DNCG relegates the Girondins of Bordeaux to National 1!

The sequel after this announcement

The dark night season. The Girondins of Bordeaux have already experienced an exercise 2021/2022 or how difficult, with catastrophic results, institutional worries and a globally very mediocre game. It all culminated in a relegation to Ligue 2 at the end of the season, after finishing in the red light of the first division championship.

And well our Bordeaux friends were not at the end of their pain, far from there. This Tuesday, the national management of Ligue 1 club management decided to expel the Girondins to National 1, the third stage of French football. “Retrogramming to National Championship 1”coldly indicates the DNCG in its official statement sent to the media.

Financial worries are too important

This was today a review of the situation of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs for next season. And apparently, the organization has decided that the club’s financial situation will not allow him to be in the green during the next exercise in the second division. A terrible news for the fans of the club and for French football in its world.

However, we now have to see what the future of the girondine climate will become, and we imagine that there will be more improvements planned at all levels, in the dressing room as in the offices. One thing is for sure, Gerard Lopez can be proud of him tonight …

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