The crazy intimate rumor about Curry’s parents!

Since their recent divorce, Dell and Sonya Curry have been talking a lot about their emotional lives. You could still be the case on the sidelines of Game 4 of the Finals, where the two former teammates inadvertently made the buzz with their new teammates!

One wonders how Steph can stay focused on basketball, to surpass the competition at her Finals against Boston. For a few months now, the Curry family has indeed been constantly targeted by dumb rumors linked to their marriages. Outre the fiery speeches on the union of the Chef and of Ayeshait’s those Dell and Sonya who have been harassing the internet these last few hours.

Dell and Sonya Curry accused d’échangisme

Divorced since November, Curry’s parents have not been late in rebuilding their lives in the arms of other partners. Through the deal, it was all accompanied by derniers for assistant in Game 4 with the Warriors and Celtics. And touch that the photo of Dell with her new partner provoked her alone by many reactionsa tweet about the two ex -husbands quickly turned the networks around:

Why is it that Dell Curry’s new girlfriend at Sonya’s new home had married one to the other before? 😂😂😂

A message posted on the tone of humor and resolution, but which could nevertheless contain a large part of the truth! In fact, it would seem that the man on Sonya’s side in this encounter is none other than former NFL player Steven Johnson, along with her supposedly trumpet Dell. The latter would thus be “veiled” from this infidelity… and often the ex of the Patriots ’tight end, photo to support!

They were well and well married!

This is definitely the most public version of On A Échangé Nos Mamans from history

As a disguised revenge, would Dell Curry meet Nicki Smith, ex-wife of Sonya’s new partner? The screenplay seems to have its place in the Feux de l’Amour, taking on the light within the NBA community!

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