the controversy revolves around USAP

These are the proposals of Patrick Arlettaz. The general manager came to the front. USAP is very far from the standards of a Top 14 club, the club president confirmed. Louis Alliot, mayor of Perpignan, replicates.

It was still the party last night at Aimé Giral after the victory in Sunday’s maintenance match at Mont de Marsan … But it was Patrick Arlettaz’s words that came back and all the discussions. Speaking of a training center worthy of a 1 -star campsite, the general manager came to the fore.

One cannot continue to train with a dresser who dates back to 1998, to have hopes that are in a center almost classified as unsatisfactory. It will not be able to continue, it is no longer possible. We have to help him.

Patrick Arlettaz

USAP coach

USAP is very far from the standards of a Top 14 club, President Rivière confirmed himself:

These are Algecos. Locations that are closer to the federal. Much delay has been taken and local and administrative challenges are significant.

Alain Rivière

President of USAP

Just a couple of weeks on the side of the USAP association that runs the club’s training center. Located in the heart of the city of Clodion, the housing conditions of the club’s hopes leave frankly to be desired.

Locations that sometimes deplete the possible futures recruited by the training center.

We have come to have young people whose parents have accompanied them to the stadium and who share when they see the living conditions of the training center. It’s a brake in recruitment

Alain Barrière

President of USAP

The mayor of Perpignan is expected to inherit the situation left by his predecessor and is seeking the help of other local communities.

“The financial efforts of the Perpignan City Council for USAP are not being taken into account. 400,000 euros more this year. There are two professional rugby clubs in Perpignan, the USAP and the Catalan Dragons. The Catalan Dragons. subsidies for these two clubs are hegemonic in relation to the aid provided to amateur sports.

We have the project of the sports park, the training center and the training center. I would like to know how much gives the department because USAP is a bit of the department showcase.

Louis Alliot

Mayor of Perpignan

When asked if it was normal for a first division team to continue to train under these conditions, he replied that the question was to be posed to his predecessor. He says the training center and coaching center project was launched at the time of his arrival at the town hall.
There is a project right here on these areas of the Wind Mill near the training center. For more than 5 years, USAP has always been waiting for the first blow.

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