The Continental Cup in Angers

The Ducs d’Angers, winners of the French Cup a few months ago, will meet in the European Cup next October.

The Ducs of Angers will meet at the European Cup later this year. Second at the end of the regular season, the Angevins go to the final of the championship, against the Wolleurs of the Wolves of Grenoble. The final was finally won by the Isère club, which was able to celebrate its 8th championship title. However, the Ducs of Angers could be satisfied with their season, who will meet at the European Cup at the end of the year…

A premiere at IceParc

On the other hand, the return of these European meetings in Angers will mark a major turning point in the club’s history. Indeed, on October 14 and 16, 2022, the Angers IceParc will host for the first time European meetings. On the occasion of the Continental Cup, the Ducs of Angers will take on a tour of the Hungarians of Ferencvaros, the Romans of Miercurea Ciuc, as well as the winner of the first round on the Bulgarian side.

Subsequently, the team that will finish in first place will take part in the next competition, in Wales, with the two clubs in Cardiff, as well as Karagandy and Jelgava.

Another event at IceParc

Thus, thanks to the qualification of the Ducs d’Angers for the Continental Cup, IceParc has once again the opportunity to shine. Inaugurated in 2019, this event will therefore host a new sporting event of great magnitude, after having already announced the hosting of the 27th and 28th editions of the ISU (International Skating Union) Grand Prix of France there are already a few. The Angers IceParc will also host the Synchronized Junior Slapping World Championships in March 2023. These events should in particular allow the City of Angers to fill the crowds with the 4,000 seats available and its crowd. A beautiful opportunity to make the city shine in the eyes of sports fans.

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