The clear message sent by the Lakers to Russell Westbrook

Despite all the speculation it has had during the season and at the end of this, it seems unlikely that Russell Westbrook not a Lakers player next season. Californians seem to project with him, as he confirmed Darvin Ham during his introductory press conference.

A player’s choice at 47 million dollars, and sell Woj il devrait logiquement l’activer. I have no question of buying and the seule reliable option to trade, which coincidentally. Already because few teams would be interested, and those who would want compensation, especially one or several draft options to absorb his salary.

But according to Marc Stein, the Lakers currently have a clear message on this subject: they would not want to transfer Westbrook if it costs them less or more. No package, it’s Westbrook or nothing, and forcibly it doesn’t even envy the teams alone in terms of being able to absorb its salary. Even the Rockets, with whom there were reportedly had preliminary discussions on the subject of a trade around John Wall at Westbrook, would have had at least a first draft round.

At the moment Westbrook seems therefore party to start the season with the Lakers, those who hope it will go better under Darvin Ham, as they would have been very disappointed with the inability of Frank Vogel to maximize his presence on the parquet this season, one of the reasons for his licensing.


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