the beautiful act of fair play by a Russian player for his Ukrainian teammate

Russian player Daria Kasatkina was very quick to come to the rescue of her Ukrainian opponent, Anhelina Kalinina, when she was badly injured this Monday, in the first round of the Berlin tournament.

Who said there could not be solidarity between Russian and Ukrainian players? The Berlin tournament, on the WTA circuit, took place this Monday in a beautiful moment of friendship between Russian player Daria Kasatkina, and her Ukrainian teammate Anhelina Kalinina. The Berlin tournament is in preparation for Wimbledon (June 27-10), where Daria Kasatkina will not be able to align, the organizers of the London tournament having decided to exclude the Russian athletes from its 2022 edition in reaction to reaction ‘invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Kasatkina was out of context when his opponent, who had won the first round, rolled over on the court. The animal injury. Replacing behind a first service missed in the middle of the second set, and as she was about to serve a second ball, Kalinina planted the tip of her foot in the grass, which unleashed a slight torsion. of the ankle which had repercussions on the mollet, to the point that tears rolled down the Ukrainian’s face.

Daria Kasatkina did not pose the slightest question as she rushed to the other side of the field to question her opponent’s health status. Suspicious of her well-being, she didn’t wait much longer to take a half-turn to find a pocket of ice to apply on Kalinina’s mollet. Coming on the court, Kasatkina was applauded by the spectators for her fair play.

Kalinina was able to resume the course of the match with difficulty, but ended up tilting slowly by conceding 12 of the last 16 games and the last two sets on a 6-3, 6-1 score. The wrist was not as warm as one might expect, Kalinina remains a competitor, but Kasatkina won well more than one tennis match today.

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