The Arcachon La Teste handball club was received with honors

The latter congratulated all the players “who have worked on this formidable success”. He also welcomed the hard work of the staff “who devote a constant amount of energy to the development of the club”. A success that according to him “honors” the territory. “It’s the demonstration of a lively, dynamic territory with the incarnation of the sport that is on display. All cities in France do not have this chance, ”Yves Foulon assured, before leaving the word to his counterpart.

With relatives and players.


A winning fusion

“In the space of a few days it is the second club to be honored for its sporting results. This is also the second club with the Arcachon/La Teste fusion. That means it’s a march, ”Patrick Davet proudly said. He thanked “the team for hitting the colors of the Teste and Arcachon high.”

Coach Loïc Cambérou is back on the last three exceptional seasons of the team as well as on the budget allocated to the club. “We have to regulate the budgetary aspects linked to this rise but our club has always lived with these means. We want to continue in that sense on your side, ”he assured. The recall with the club is related to the post-Covid exceptional before adding that the club represents “200 licensees and volunteers” and “a team composed of 80 % of the children of the Basin”.

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