the Alamercery cadets of the CABBG crowned champions of France

The category he coaches with Pierre-Olivier Batangken and Bernard Salles, not to mention Daniel Sallenave and Arnaud Dwoinikoff who occupy the Gaudermen, ended up invincible in the first phase and lost only one match in the playoffs. against Grenoble. Three trainings per week and a game plan rolled out from the CABBG minimums to UBB team 1, their victory has just compensated for the club’s sporting project.

Charly Flanda.


“The same language”

The former hope of the UB, through the SMRC, its coaching club, currently playing in Léognan added: “We have done a lot of experience sharing with the clubs in the region, of which we have the showcase. At the beginning of the recruiter outside the school of rugby and at least second year. About 15 players on an effective total of 60 boys. The goal is to commit over 5 years to hope with the possibility of getting double licenses. From the very least, players and educators speak the same language as the pro team. The cadet game plan is just 100 pages while it actually is 500 at the pros! »

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