the adventure takes place in overtime for the RCBB

Supporters Lot and Garonnais and Pyrenees moved in large numbers for this quarter-final of Federal 3 at the Jacques-Dutin Stadium in Villeneuve-de-Marsan. From the heat, the RCBB lost its captain and pillar, Pottier and had to revisit his team.

Ger/Séron/Bédeille gently dominates the first few minutes, and imposes a touch, but Bon-Encontre breaks away, making the pressing in the center of the field and picking up a mix before one in front cuts the attack. The Pyrenees are still dominant in touch but the greens and blues disintegrate and fail a few meters from the adverse target. The piling persists but the béarnaise defense watches over the grain and benefits from a mix at its 22nd and is about to dislodge the weather.

The two teams, of a sensitively equal level, did not come to take the lead and the game ranged between 40 meters. at 17e, Gazel ecope of a yellow card, 3 minutes later it’s Morlaix’s turn, Bon-Encontre finds itself at 13. Pass the penalty and give USEP an advantage. The Pyrenees are pushing hard, a group trying to advance 40 good meters, but the lot-and-garonnaise defense is about to falter. In the run, Tressens misses a drop.

Ger, in digital superiority, deploys his attack but bounces off 10 meters from the target. Cette domination ay ang recompensée d’une pénalité transformée par Dumont. The whites detain themselves but remain within the reach of the inhabitants of the Garonne. Reached 15, the RCBB returns to the party and fails in its turn on the test line. Following a new mix, Bon-Encontre, ending with a pointer thanks to Morlay which marks a good test, rewarded by Tressens which gives a very light advantage to the RCBB at the moment.

“Lack of freshness”

The second period begins in pain and Bon-Encontre loses Gazel after an adverse charge. Hand mistakes lose both sides and make the game. at 50e, Tressens, more than 50 meters, gives a new advantage to its teammates. Ger/Séron seems to be stepping in this first and is being sanctioned again. Buteur lot-et-garonnais got 3 points extra. On the commitment, the Union loses one of its senses. After a new mix, and a new off-game, Tressens takes advantage to accentuate the advantage by giving 10 points ahead. at 73e, Usp returns to the score thanks to a penalty from Dumon and makes the forcing. The pack rolls again and sends Lacaze to the test, Dumont the bonifie and give the two teams equal.

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