The 30-year-old French rugby champions at XIII of Saint-Hippolyte

A French title, it will not be forgotten and it is with pleasure that players and leaders relive this memorable day.

They are about to celebrate 30 years of the French title of Saint-Hippolyte XIII. C’est en effet à l’initiative ni Marcello Moreno at ni Roger Pompei na may mga retrouvés, autour d’une bonne table, les champions de France de Nationale 2 de Saint-Hippolyte XIII. Everyone cheered on this victory against the Tonneins club, 20-12, at the Eiguille field in Limoux in 1992.

The club was then chaired by J.-F. Bartrina and M. Montagne, coach of Pierre Lopez (former player of the XIII Catalan) and the out -of -date nurse of the time Bernard Vidal. The team was then composed of Moreno, Gomez, Masse, Ortega, Torres, Piquemal, Berga, Belmaziz, Albert, Martinez, Sanchez, Comelade, Ribes, Richard, Romera, Guichou, Rodenas, Gauthier, Pailles and Mariot, among others!

The saga of Saint-Hippolyte XIII did not stop there, since in the space of a decade the club won two other French Promotion championship titles against Fleury-Merogis in Arles-sur-Rhône and National II against Entraigues in Cavaillon. This palm tree is out of the ordinary for a very small club that has recently renovated its ashes and was supported by the mayor of the time Jérôme Mangail.

This day around a good paella to celebrate those 30 years took place at a rugby purist Patrick Toreilles and allowed to awaken good memories for some who had never looked back for several years.

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