“That’s why they fired Jimmy Butler.”

When he found his place in the Heat, Jimmy Butler hung out for a few seasons after his departure from the Bulls. The player has been criticized, either at the Wolves, or a little later at the Sixers. The latter were humiliated to have it left, but there may be a real reason behind this, that the interest was hidden from the general public.

If he makes the Heat happy today, who will still be dreaming of the title in the years to come, Jimmy Butler has seen great galleries in his playing career. After his active departure from the Bulls, he never found his place with the Wolves, especially alongside Andrew Wiggins at Karl-Anthony Towns. Same scenario a little later in the Sixers, despite a good hearing with Joel Embiid, is still visible today.

With Ben Simmons? This is another story. In 2019, Philly therefore made the choice to let Butler lead the Heat, all the while bringing Tobias Harris in place to come and fill the ironclad post. There are a lot of disappointments among the fans, because we are talking about two radically different players, as we can see at the moment. Since? Moqueries are out, with Bucket who had even added a layer in the middle of the playoffs.

The crazy rumors about Jimmy Butler!

Yes, but is it really the fault of the Sixers? Not necessarily, according to information from Keith Pompey in his last article. If fans are forcibly dissatisfied with this choice, as Butler could have allowed the franchise to taste the title, he says the player is looking for an exit. In prime? A few stories in the closet, including a trade request a little earlier.

And what fans are still angry about after Jimmy Butler’s departure from the Sixers, it’s clear that not everything was perfect during his short trip to Philly. Sources said Butler’s departure was due to uncertainty about his future, and one of the reasons behind Tobias Harris’ trade. Sources also explain that the team wanted a solid player, as Butler had demanded his trade last February.

That’s why the Sixers would have pushed Butler towards the exit, since the player was probably not ready to commit to the long term with the Sixers. This is entirely plausible, even if the trade request remains to be confirmed. Still, the franchise lost big during the summer of 2019, as Harris is far from having the same performance as Butler on a parquet, despite some good performances.

In this area, the franchise of a term with James Harden in février dernier, toujours ats le but d’obtenir un premier titre. Nevertheless, Beard was largely disappointed for his first campaign, even if he hoped to return in shape, as evidenced. child récent physiological changes. Fans have found hope, but this offseason will remain through a lot of gaps.

Jimmy Butler vs. Tobias Harris? That was not the idea of ​​the century for the Sixers, but there was a real reflection behind it. Whatever happens, this start has been bad for the fans, who today regret the Heat player, who brings happiness to many Floridians.

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