Tents: tennis courts for travel pleasure

It was with enthusiasm that tennis players, small and large, made an appointment at 9am to spend a weekend in Andorra.

Non affilié à la Fédération française de tennis, the club is an association in which 55 adhérents do not include them at the ages of 4 and 80 years. With only one tennis court, players divide the week according to category. Thus, on Saturday morning the court is reserved for children, Thursday evening for ladies and Tuesday evening for men. The associative side allows great freedom and close collaboration between attendees to ensure the permanence of courses. The members of the bureau, Yvon the president, Christine the treasurer and Michel the secretary said: “The club is dynamic, our travels were aimed at re -establishing links between the adherents. We are already in Lloret del Mar, Barcelona and today in Andorra. Not for tournaments, but for pleasure. Competition , it’s between us on our court “.

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