TENNIS: Women’s tennis was at the heart of the AAC this Sunday!

Over the weekend, Olivia Cappelletti, an experienced tennis professor at Amiens AC, and organized the women’s tennis day 2022. The opportunity to create the link between the players and to share a good moment.

Tennis, like many other sports, knows one lack of feminine effect. Men’s sport is highly mediated in comparison to women’s tennis, which she sometimes does in the face of a total lack of media. Today, only in tennis 30% licensees are women. That is why it is important and necessary to organize days like this in order to promote the practice of women’s sports.

This day was open to the big as well as the small

Olivia Cappelletti, passionate about tennis for the past five years and quadruple world champion by teams in + 35, + 40 and + 45 (twice champions in + 45) do the same thing, “We have more and more trouble mobilizing the female audience in tennis. These are days like this that allow us to promote women’s sports, talk around us and appreciate the practice of women’s sports. »

This day, the educator organizes every year to the AAC, “ it holds me in my heart, from my role as a sports coach within the club and my role as a first female team captain in 25 years ”add-t-elle.

This Sunday, they were one twenty to get together to share a sporty and fun moment. “I’m happy with the effect compared to the weekend alone, it’s not bad to have these girls already mobilized. Compared to previous editions, we have almost the same participation percentage»explains the educator.

Create link between players

In the program, there are many activities that allow you to tap the ball in such a way ludique were scattered all day. The players had the right to a warm -up “To show them what we can offer in practice throughout the year, around coordination and ownership», explains Olivia Cappelletti. The morning ended with climbers/descents, which delighted the players. After a well-deserved picnic, the day continued with a small surprise, doubles, singles and a final animation to please all the girls.

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All age groups were welcome, “I have four years as an adult. The goal is to unite all generations, that there is a link between themexplains the AAC educator. I tell you that within the club it allows some women or girls or children to recognize themselves when they are going to cross paths in the club, it allows create the link internally and it also allows to please the female public.»

At the participant level, 80% of the girls are part of the club and three have come to discover the practice. At the end of the day, “The girls were excited, everyone smiled, had a good time at sports before attacking tennis, that room a little, it’s good -natured and friendly»graduation by Olivia Cappelletti.

Charlotte Lecot
Photos credit: DR

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