Tennis. Team 22 at the top – Tennis

Since Team 22 of the Tennis Departmental Committee exists, this is the first year it has recorded so many good results. “It has never been seen,” said Gérard Le Roux, the general secretary. We have five champions from Brittany and five finalists ”. So the work paid off. He was born of club educators and means provided by CD 22 with the skills of Frédéric Beuzeboc, coach, and Tony Marguet, territorial sports advisor.

Léo Agnithey, Eléa Floch (11 years), Elouan Touzé, Chloë Mousseaux (10 years) and Marie Fairier (15 years) were crowned champions of Brittany. Emmie Gérard (9 years old) and her sister Lilou (11 years old), Lilou Le Gaouyat (12 years old), Camille Teresini and Naïa Carré (10 years old) were finalists. The champions and finalists of the 10-11 years will thus play the national challenge in Blois in July. Seule Marie Fairier (15 years) became France’s champion at Roland Garros.

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