Tennis. Standing the thing on its lands

The Erstein Tennis Club’s traditional open tournament, remarkably organized by referee Alain Stenger, had its epilogue this weekend on the club’s battered ground courts. A large audience attended the men’s and women’s finals on Sunday late in the afternoon.

On the men’s side, the victory went to TC Illkirch’s Aymeric Fleith who defeated TC Romains ’Colombian Martin Pereira 6-2 6-4. He had already defeated Ersteinois Maxime Favard, author of a remarkable course, in the semi-finals.

Among the prime women in local youth, with the 6-1 6-4 success of Noémie Stenger, a 16-year-old TCE player, who won her 1steh tournament against Laëtitia Grissmer of TC Westhouse. This is the first time that a local player (hormis Caroline Stegel, he was actually licensed at the time with TC Obernai) won the Erstein tournament and there is no doubt that he will win many more and continue to pag development.

The +60 years in the departmental finals

The +60 -year -old men’s team managed the exploit to finish at the head of their chicken at the end of an unsustainable suspense. Despite the absence of their captain Mr. Wencker, they went to Hilsenheim with the obligation to reclaim the victory all hoping that together the other results of the hen would be favorable to them. B. Ohl first won a close match against an equal -ranked opponent. Unfortunately, P. Chanvillard then collapsed at the end of three sets despite some good resistance. Everything was then played in doubles. The pair made up of R. Mehl and Y. Mazeram lost the 1st set but recovered by snatching the 2nd.e. The super tie-break was decisive for the victory and for the 1stre place. The Ersteinois were quickly reduced 5-0 from succeeding to reverse the situation and finally win 10-8! This victory allowed them to take the 1re place in the group level with Molsheim but the match-average was favorable to the Ersteinois. They thus qualify for the departmental finals and will have the chance to host Lingolsheim on the courts of TCE this Thursday from 9 p.m.

At TC Benfeld

Beautiful animation on the four outdoor courts last weekend where the Benfeldois club organized a TMC (Multipurpose Tournament) for the 11-14 year olds of NC on 30/2 as part of the Departmental Challenge. As usual, this formula won a pretty successful run with a maximum of entries, which allowed each to contest four matches. It’s the young Elias Yacoubi of Gerstheim who matters in the final against Sacha Lysikov of Ill TC Strasbourg. This very sympathetic demonstration ended with a prize giving for the winners.

With a +60 championship, Team 1 ended this championship with a loss to Oberhausbergen where only JP doubles. Fritz and JC. Kempf managed to save the honor. Cette formation will end in a second place. The 2 also tilted (2-1) against Molsheim. B. Milck matters to the finish after about 3 hours of the match. They have one last meeting to discuss this Thursday at home against Hilsenheim.

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