TENNIS SPORT FFT. Roland-Garros 2022 in numbers after Nadal’s victory (Rédaction Les Sables-d’Olonne)



The endowment of the Roland-Garros tournament progressed this year by more than 6.8% compared to 2019 (last edition of the tournament was running under normal conditions) ibuhos reached a total of 43.6 million euros.

The “prize money” of the single (main table) recorded an increase of 1.43% compared to 2019, with a significant progression in the amount of the first round (+ 35% compared to 2019 and 3% compared to 2021).

The endowment of double ladies and gentlemen increased, meanwhile, by 6.10% compared to 2019.

A consequent effort has also been made on qualifications, with the “prize money” increasing by 66 % compared to 2019 and 30 % compared to 2021.

The increase in the endowment of 1eh turn the simple table at qualifiers allows to support the populations of players and players who have suffered the most from the health crisis in recent years.

The dotation globale costs 43,6 million euros (tableau masculin, féminin, double messieurs, double dames, double mixte, qualifications, tennis fauteuil, quad).

Dotation 2022 pour Roland-Garros-Tennis Internationaux

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