Tennis. Dan added, more ferocious pirates des Caraïbes

Pour to succeed, you have to know how to start. Not content with his results in European tournaments since the beginning of the season, Dan Added decided to take his baluchon to a more exotic destination, the Dominican Republic.

“In the past, when I went far, it wasn’t too bad,” says the Lower Rhino, who won the first of their six titles at the Future tournament in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2019. ” I wanted to play on hard outside and the only medium, it was to do these two Future of Santo Domingo tournaments. Especially since the list of participants was a little stronger on paper than in European tournaments. »

“A dingy humidity”

Head of the No. 1 series of the Caribbean event, Dan Added quickly understood where he put his feet. “I was expecting to be warm, but there, there is more dingy humidity. Use at least two tee-shirts, three sponge napkins and six serre-poignets per match! Rigole the TC Strasbourg player, who was also surprised by the level of his opponents: “They are not very well ranked in the ATP because they come from most American universities, where they play the longest US championship of the year. »

“I had to fight against myself, against difficult conditions and against my opponents.”

These two factors combined explain that this first week was quite complicated to manage: “In addition to the heat, I am complicating the task on two matches that I could have won more easily Thursday and Saturday. »Two days where he spent 4:47 and 3:50 respectively on the courts, single and double cumulative. “Aw 2e turn, in particular, I win the match when I save 5-1 balls against me in 3e set. This is what I am most proud of this week: mentally, I managed to hold on to the end, while I had to fight against myself, against difficult conditions and against my opponents. »

Going on an adventure as a pirate, Dan Added has already amassed a small treasure trove of points this week. Saturday, at 196e world specialty won its 3e double title of the year (including a Challenger) – his 27the of his career-alongside Brazilian Joao Lucas Reis da Silva, who had beaten a few hours earlier in the singles semi-finals.

This Sunday, in turn, he lost in the final against stage venue Roberto Cid Subervi, 514e world at 28 years old, but older 211e , in 2020. “I was a little physically startled. It was the first game of the week that I fought on the central court, over which my opponent had played all week. Or, the court was much bigger and much faster than all the others and, in addition, there was no bad wind. Mais même si je perd 6-2, 6-3, how much match in 1 h 54… »

“It’s hard to be alone all day.”

What hurts him the most, in the Caribbean, is to be delivered to himself on and especially outside the courts. “It’s true that it’s hard to be alone all day. I took a small apartment next to the stadium, but I don’t see much of the world outside of matches. But it’s part of the game and I don’t regret my choice! »

He will now try to recover as quickly as possible before attacking the second Future of Santo Domingo tournament from Tuesday. The Alsatian pirate of the Caribbean had no end in sight.

Final : R. Cid Subervi (Rep dom., 514 ATP)-Dan Added (Fra/TC Strasbourg, 375 ATP) 6-2, 6-3.

Double.Final : Dan Added/Reis da Silva (Fra/Bré/n ° 1)-Bhangdia/Evans (USA) 6-4, 6-3.

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