Tennis Collioure: girls departmental championship 2nd division

With a flawless course, the players of the club stood out.

Once again, the Collioure women’s team, led by Marie-Jo Masson, took the initiative to offer the club the title of 2nd division departmental champions.

Composed this season by Monique Delmas, Stéphanie Rière, Alexandra Gouzy, Elizabeth Molina, Nathalie Chaumas-Pellet, Nathalie Guengard, and Melinda Baousson, they performed a flawless course with 4 wins in 4 matches, contested in the chicken phase they allowed to finish first and advance to final.

They overturned Vernet-les-Bains (3-1) in the quarter, and Cabestany (3-0) in the semi-finals, before claiming the victory over Rivesaltes (3-1). Since January, they have not been able to carry out a flawless course that has cost them a real consecration in May. Ambitious, themed and determined, they will develop next season in the first division. The coach, Gérald Passarrius and the president Jean-Marcel Lavergne contributed to the arrangement of the cartons on the courts.

After well-deserved vacations, appointments are made to return with the same group to follow their future performances.

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