Tennis-club: end of service for Christian Magnien

Sports. Grand Langres Tennis Club president Christian Magnien announced that he took the lead during the structure’s general assembly, which was held on Friday, June 10. Not without leaving to its successor already well -committed projects.

He didn’t want to play tie-break too much. Christian Magnien, the incumbent president of the Grand Langres Tennis Club, announced his resignation from the presidency at the association’s general assembly, which was held on Friday, June 10. “I decided to quit my job, before the end of the year and before picking strawberries! ”, Said with humor the one who would have marked his imprint the club founded in 1934, which he would preside over for thirty years.

No question, for many, to turn these annual seats into a memorial ceremony. The nostalgia and the genre of the house, and Christian Magnien chose to turn the resolution towards the future by proving the projects that are expected to come out of the earth, and will be concluded under its successor. Expected for years by successive municipalities, the renovation at the club-house extension, for 200,000 euros, is now on good rails. Etienne Perrot, first deputy mayor, confirmed that work would have to start next year at the latest. The two new outer paddle shorts, pour 250,000 euros are, them too and as planned, hope quickly.

Finally, the project that was supposed to come off the ground with the most fame came from a surprise announcement. Etienne Perrot has, in fact, revealed that he has been contacted by Epide in view of the establishment of a city-stadium, including a mini-tennis court, at the extension of the tennis courts. The request presents a certain emergency character, the equipment being required by the school for the end of September. Arbitrations must be made quickly. In the hypothesis where it will be concrete, this city-stadium will also be used by the Tennis Club, confirmed Etienne Perrot and Benjamin Lambert, municipal councilor delegated to Sports.


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