Team 1 of Gerômoises Closures wins the tournament of companies, associations and friends of handball

Tournoi_Entreprises_SDV_Handball (4)

(Marc Fourniquet Photos)

A true institution in Déodatie, the tournament of companies, associations and friends organized by SDV Handball had to be put in parentheses due to the health crisis.

Last Friday night, about 3 years after the previous edition, 16 teams met on the parks of the Joseph-Claudel Omnisports Palace to face each other in good mood, during handball matches played at 6 vs. 6. balance , 2 maximum licenses were authorized by the team. But if the competition is put on the second floor, because this tournament is before any leisure tournament, teams have nevertheless pulled their pin of the game. At the end of the evening, it was Team 1 of the Gerometures Closes that climbed the first step of the podium. Team 2 of the same company being 4th.

The final standings of the tournament:

  1. Jeremiah Closures 1;
  2. Clairefontaine Stationery;
  3. IP Pavlova;
  4. Jeremiah Closures 2;
  5. Jeker Vehicles;
  6. La Folie Douce;
  7. Numaliance 2;
  8. Volley-Ball Saint-Dié;
  9. Les Fuchs;
  10. Gedimat Derrey 2;
  11. Audition Deodatienne / Hydr’eau Services;
  12. Gedimat Derrey 1;
  13. Numaliance 1;
  14. Fermostyle;
  15. SDRB XV;
  16. Mr Bricolage.


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