Tarbes: when rugby hits the walls of the locker room

the essential
A touch rugby tournament pitted two detention teams, a Stado youth team and a penitentiary selection team this Tuesday, June 14, at the Tarbes Detention Center.

Karim* resumes his breath. “It’s good to play rugby. We, the detainees, are rather football, boxing or muscle. It’s good to discover a new sport. ” Karim is taking part in a rugby tournament on Tuesday, June 14 as part of the “Drop de zonzon” operation. They are fifteen detainees, divided into two teams, to compete, on the sports field of the Tarbes Detention Center, with a team of youth from the Stado Training Center, coached by Stéphane Ducos and a team from national penitentiary selection. “We see the world from the outside, it’s not often. It would be good if touch rugby becomes a regular activity, we have been asking for it for a while, ”added Karim. Cécile, a sports monitor at the detention center, confirmed that there is “a demand for rugby to become a regular activity. The majority are footballers.” That’s the tendency to go ahead and wait for the balloon. In rugby, they have to put themselves behind. ” In symbolic terms, this makes a big difference. “Here, whenever they can, they play football. The detainees also practice basketball, once a week. With the sports department office, as part of the Mountain Prevention operation, I must also conduct four mountain outings, ”confesses Cécile.

Values ​​of rugby

“Before this touchdown tournament, the detainees practiced for more than a month and a half, led by Stéphane Ducos, a state coach and a supervisor. The idea is to promote the values ​​of rugby inside the establishment, the discipline that this sport imposes. At first, they were a little bad at times, but they stuck to it and played the game. The interventions have always gone well, ”says Philippe Mansieux, national penitentiary selection coach and warden at the Tarbes detention center.
“We came to the request of Philippe Mansieux whose father is in charge of the State Rugby School. I think there could be regular interventions in the establishment. With my former employer, the committee, we have already made interventions on this site. It would be nice to continue doing it with the club. To a beaucoup de jeunes en STAPS. It would be a good lesson for them to start working in this environment, ”points out Stéphane Ducos.
Philippe Mansieux hopes that the tournament will allow for regular rugby activity on site and, in the long run, to have a field worthy of that name, such as the Mont-de-Marsan prison which has a synthetic field. Because on the tar, even in touch rugby, it is better to avoid falling like Frédéric, a detainee, and former SOM player in his youth. “It’s a shame not to play on grass but it’s positive. It allows us to get out of our cell, to know ourselves ”. And to sew the jersey, because on the field, the detainees give it as much as the players of the penitentiary selection and the State.

*The names of the detainees have been changed.

The penitentiary will face police this Thursday in Mauritius-Trélut

Operation “Drop zoning” took place as part of a week -long national penitentiary selection phase. A group of 35 people including 27 players were received at Ger’s camp by 1eh RHP. “We were very well received by the 1steh RHP. The doctor, Colonel Lafourcade, will also provide his medical support for Thursday’s match, “said Philippe Mansieux. The penitentiary selection will play against the French police team this Thursday, at 7 pm, at the Mauritius-Trélut stadium. The selection, made up of penitentiary personnel, meets twice a year under this internship format of one week followed by a match. And, according to the right, she and the local club. In Paris, two Racing players, François Trinh-Duc and Fabien Sanconnie took part.

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