Tarbes. Inauguration of an covered basketball court

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The all -new indoor sports screen, at the heart of the Maurice Trélut complex, has just been officially inaugurated. A new structure dedicated to 3×3 basketball (but also 5×5) with access to sports for young people.

For the occasion, several personalities were relocated: Michel Pélieu (president of the Upper Pyrenees Departmental Council), Elisabeth Brunet (deputy for sports), Gilles Craspay (deputy for education and youth), the mayor of Tarbes Gérard Trémège or Catherine Lombard, director of the City’s sports service.

The latter was used to provide details on the structure. “A fence around the land will allow it to remain autonomous independent of the other installations of the complex. It is a set of recyclable materials, intended for a lifespan of 20 years. The plot is made up of two 3x5x5 plots on one plot” .

A modern screen that would have cost € 269,000 (including € 100,000 financed by the department). “The slogan” Tarbes, ville sportive “is totally justified when we see what is happening. Here the land is very interesting because of its structure, for a reasonable budget. These lands and the colleges of the department could be duplicated”, he said. Michel Pélieu.

The terrain, the surface of the extra 700 m2, the areas with free for residents, from 8 hours to 22 hours.

Sports practice for young people

The construction of this land is enshrined in city policy to facilitate access to sports practices for young people, high schools, colleges or Staps. Other sports facilities such as the Sports Union or the Arsenal Combat Sports Hall were inaugurated very recently.

“Investing in sports is a very good investment. It is a collective success that aims to allow more young people to access sports activities”, explained Gérard Trémège.

The 1st 3×3 tournament on this new ground will be held on June 18, in full Tarbes festivities.

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