Table tennis. Tonight, GV Hennebont bids farewell to a mythical hot spring – Table tennis

Pro A (18th day): GV Hennebont TT – Pontoise, this Tuesday (7:30 pm)

“I once trained in after-ski and with gloves,” said Gilles Guymare, one of the former presidents of the GV Hennebont table tennis section, who recalls being beaten so that the Le Gal-Le Nouène “is not demolished” in the early 1980s.

At the time, the municipality (which was established in 1994) did not want to put a franc in an equipment belonging to the diocese. I begged for a sealing and a new heater. ” Kotse, for a long time, he often rained in this room where it was (very) cold winter and (very) hot summer.

“It’s a little Bercy here!” »

Also, Gilles Guymare certainly (very) well done to prolong the history of love between this club, then the growing value of Breton table tennis, and this hall built in 1954 and which had already known a few good hours between boxing meetings. regional or national or gym, in particular. This story had started with catimini in the basement, before the club could not access the National scale. Then go at high speed.

“And when Cep Lorient (basketball) was arrested for financial reasons (1989), Loïc Mathieu for France 3 was looking for a new room sport to follow in the agglomeration. He came to see the N1 (2nd national level at the time) and exclaimed: “This is a little Bercy here! ». One of the stands was full and made a hell of a vacation. That destabilized our opponents, who did not have the habit of such an atmosphere, ”recalls Gilles Guymare. It was just the beginning…

“This small room has crossed the borders of France”

In the 1990s, history continued with a women’s Pro A team also competing for a European Cup, before going through financial worries.

And the atmosphere mounts – again! – of several crans in the 2000s, with the quest for the Pro A masculine and the successes that accompanied the ascension of this small club became large and even undesirable in France, winning four national titles (2007, 2005, at 2 2009) in the form of exploits.

Bruno Abraham, president of the club for twenty years, could not deny: “It was called hot because all the Pro A or European clubs were happy to come and play in Hennebont in a popular atmosphere. This little room has crossed the borders of France to be today known and recognized on the planet ping ”.

Apart from some Chinese, the best players in the world, in any case those who play in Europe, all come to Hennebont

“Some Chinese, the best players in the world, in any case those who play in Europe, all come to Hennebont: Boll, Samsonov, Ovtcharov, Gilles Guymare is still a happy spectator. One season, we even flew the best team in Europe with Kreanga, Olympic champion Ryu Seung-Min and Bai, who were injured just before the Champions League semi-finals. The atmosphere was exceptional! ».

Also, it will not be without emotion that Bruno Abraham and many pongists – hennebontais or not – will see, this Tuesday, their fetish team leave a baptized son Charles -Abraham, following the death of the one who was the club leader for years 90. “More than I could have imagined, the president who did to the GVHTT still acknowledges what he has become today. J’y ai découvert le tennis de table sa simpleng papa. It’s been 35 years that I pass almost every day, with fantastic moments like the Pro A entry, crazy matches with 1,200 to 1,300 people in the hall, four French champion titles, a final of European Cup in front of a full room and a crazy atmosphere… ». But also the “Hennebont Ping Center” equipment that makes pongist Europe jealous.

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