Table Tennis (N1M): Feasts find colors

One position is privé le SAG in the play-offs and fin de saison. Nothing removes the smile on the face of Sylvie Boron, the 2017 president of the table tennis section of the cestadais club: “We had a very good season. We don’t really know what to expect after the last two years under the Covid sign. We parted a little into the unknown. But we were quickly surprised by the commitment around the club and the team. »

A National 1 at showcases that subsequently found its crossover rhythm in pursuit of success: “We weren’t really set on goals in terms of results, assures Sylvie Boron. We see it while at least maintaining it. »

Real nausea

The team made up of three Bulgarian players and an experienced Cypriot quickly put on good performances, making them evolve in a certain comfort, without pressure. A paying tactic that has brought excitement to the Bouzet gymnasium side.

For the president, in addition to the intrinsic qualities of the players being trained in their countries, the difference is made “thanks to a welded group, very close to what has done the industry to the end. A season beyond expectations that can open appetites. But if the history of SAG table tennis, a highly successful employee is still alive, Sylvie Boron wants to put things in perspective.

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