Table tennis. Jean-Christophe Batut, finalist in the Castelsarrasin tournament

The Castelsarrasin table tennis tournament kicks off on Saturday, June 11. The morning, the start of the individual test where Axel and Jean-Christophe were part of the outsiders. After their first places in the pods, the two players found themselves in the 1/8 of the final. Pour Axel into his victory over Raphael Alonso (CA Castelsarrasin), when Jean-Christophe arrives in the final, with Perig Josset (CACastelsarrasin) finishing. In the afternoon, Davis Cup Tournament, team of two, with 2 singles and 1 double. (40 trainings for this competition). Axel and Jean-Christophe are in their semi-finals, after a very good course, losing on the wire against the formation of Castelsarrasin (Anthony Aubaret and Steve Perrier). Axel and Jean-Christophe finished in third place in this event.

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