Students started in tennis by the Blangy-sur-Bresle club

Since the end of April 2022, the SEPBB tennis club has been hosting mid-school initiation sessions with CE2 and CM1 students at the School of Blangy-sur-Bresle (Seine-Maritime). (© Fabrice Bello)

Finally! After various contract periods in place, the school middle tennis initiation project was able to see the day in Blangy-sur-Bresleen Seine-Maritime.

“We hoped to be able to carry out this operation quickly with the elementary school, but the problems with cranes, the availability of monitors, so Covid does not have permission to do it immediately,” he explains. Fabrice Bello, president of the tennis club of the Blangy Bouttencourt Physical Education Society (SEPBB).

“But this year, the planets are aligned!” He rejoiced.

A convention and therefore été établie avec l ‘National Education and the French Tennis Federation, via its Tennis device at school.

Lots of enthusiasm

“We sent, filled out the file and contacted the ‘Fréchon school of Blangy-sur-Bresle which immediately showed enthusiasm, ”says the manager of the sports club.

It has to be said that Peggy Lemire, director of the school establishment, had already had the opportunity to participate in this facility with other tennis schools, where she kept good memories.

On April 30, 2022, CE2 and CM1 return regulièrement for apprenticeship.

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It is Hubert Sellier, state patent of the tennis club, which hosts the sessions.

The goal is to make them discover tennis and to give them the desire, perhaps, to pursue this activity outside of school time.

Fabrice BelloPresident of the SEPBB tennis club in Blangy-sur-Bresle (Seine-Maritime)

“But we want them especially to have fun” concluded Fabrice Bello.

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