«Steph Curry is a failli tuer cet home, literally»

Personality among the most appreciated in the league, Stephen Curry and rested in the least and ultra-dangerous man for his opponents. According to one of his former rivals, he could even be traced to the origins of a “murder” a few years ago!

With his juvenile traits and his angelic smile, his appearance has nothing to intimidate the least basketball player in the world. And sadly, Steph Curry is one of the most talked about stars in the NBA. Well understood, this is before all his redoutable 3 -point shoots that scare his opponents the most. I should not, however, forget his dribbles assassins and his relentless movement without a balloon.

Thanks to these two weapons, the leader of the Warriors makes every night a nightmare for his defenders, who try to follow him through the cloud of screens he traverses. If he manages to maintain this crazy pace throughout the entire match thanks to his delusional training techniques, it is not given to everyone. La preuve, with a recent anecdote by JR Smith.

The player is sent to the hospital because of Steph Curry

Last guest on the podcast What is Burnin by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Smith and appealed to the revéler and gros compétiteur with the lequel in eu l’occasion d’évoluer. A name for him then immediately came to the fore: that of Matthew Dellavedova. This discussion thus reminded him of an episode very precisely involving the Australian leader, who upset his entire team after Game 3 of the 2015 Finals:

Without you lying, when I played in Cleveland, Dellavedova wore more jerseys than any other player I could see in my life. He failed to die in the playoffs. After this match, we were not serious. Steph failed to kill this man, literally.

Certainly very chatty, JR is not at all pleasant at this point.

Sent on a mission to Curry in this series in Cleveland and Golden State, Dellavedova gave everything on the ground… and more. In the oven and in the mill for 39 minutes in this game 3, the Cavs pitbull was subsequently found with cramps in the shirt. Indeed, all the members of his body abandoned him, too marked by the supplication they had come to endure.

Not forcibly disturbed by this strange phenomenon, Delly was, however, transported to the hospital at the request of her medical staff. Fortunately, by the way, since it only came out in the following afternoon, after avoiding many treatments. Difficult to find the best illustration of the famous “gift of self” if dear to coaches, at the best symbol of the test that makes Steph rise to her markers!

Really piled on a parquet, Stephen Curry met very often ats le rouge his direct opponents. Matthew Dellavedova is well placed to know, who made a short stay at the full NBA Finals because of him!

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