sportwashing continues its potential to win internationally

Focus on the soft power modern countries of the Middle East that multiply their presence in the sport. Last creation: a new golf circuit.

Last week took place in London (England), the first event of the LIV Golf: a new dissident golf league, financially supported by Saudi Arabia, which far surpasses the prizes at play on the USPGA circuit. This latest creation in the world of sports is a new testament to the development of sportwashing which has covered several disciplines for almost 20 years. Le sportwashing is a suitcase word from the contraction between the terms sports et laundry that one could thus translate as “brainwashing by sport” …

“There is a double strategy. That of using sport as a soft power in order to convey a positive image of the country thanks to sporting valuesendorsed by Kévin Veyssiere, founder of FC Geopolitics. And that of using the media of sports entertainment as an element of nation branding, that is, to promote the country’s brand thanks to sports investments but also through sponsors. ”

Qatar in search of diversification

Après s’être…

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