Sports | Hockey – Great League: Coulaud brothers return to Rapaces de Gap

The information that has been leaked for a while has been confirmed today: Loïc and Yohan Coulaud will be in new Gapençais next season. Originally Gapença, they had both left the Rapaces after only a year with the U18 team. As for the first, professional attacker (25 years old, 1m76 per 82kg), he has been in Chamonix for four seasons. Loïc, on the other hand, with a total of 158 matches played in Ligue Magnus, poured in 35 points (16 goals for 19 assists). The last exercise was that of its climax with six points in this single season 2021-2022.

From four years old, Yohan Coulaud (21 years old, 1m80 for 78kg) will also make his return to Alp’Arena. Training defender, he counts 92 matches in the first team. Not a physical monster, Yohan Coulaud made a name for himself by opposing attackers due to his very good understanding of the game. Proof in the east, he has spent less than 18 minutes in prison since his arrival in the Amiens first team during the 2018-2019 season. It was also during the 2021-2022 season that he became international A wearing the tricolore jersey in two repetitions.

Reaction by Sébastien Orpandi

“We are delighted to have the return of two Gapençais and who are proud to be back in their coach club. We had regularly encountered Loïc this season, the car a lot of cases that we are looking for. Intense player with a strong character, had solid Yohan is a 21 -year -old French hockey hopeful. He is a player with a lot of physical and technical qualities. We are convinced that he will be an important element of our defense next season. The role of Axel Prissaint. “

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