Sports | Football – District 1: la walse des entraîneurs begins

It was a secret from Polichinelle that needs to be confirmed: the intrusion will make important bumps on the banks of clubs in the region known. Si Gap, the unfortunate finalist of the Robert Gage Cup against Veynes-Serres (see our June 12 edition, Ndlr) should renew his confidence in Florian Nicola to lead the team that will advance to Regional 2 next season. what concerns district 1.

Two movements have also recently been officialized. The first concerns the other R2 representative who descends to D1, Sainte Tulle-Pierrevert. Engaged in a difficult political context, the club wants to launch a new cycle. Christophe Bellard will not take back his double cap as president-coach. If a new schedule is to be confirmed in a few weeks, the club is currently in the process of looking for a new technician to take over the team next season.

The woman is somewhat similar to that of Veynes-Serres. Despite winning the Alpes Cup final, the club has experienced a catastrophic season in regional 2 after several years of presence at this level, with a relegation to D1. A meeting must be held between the club leaders and Belkacem Zobiri to decide whether or not to retain the former professional player. The future of Arnaud De Marchi, coach of the Veynes-Serres reserve team, automatically suspended in D2 following the decline of the fanion formation, is also on hold.

Donadieu de Vivo’s cup victory nevertheless permits knowing that the current coach of Team 1, Magid Fachtali will leave his post at the end of the season. He will be replaced by the current reserve coach, Clément Castagnoli. Magid Fachtali will nevertheless remain at the club to supervise the sport of the entity while continuing to develop futsal in the region.

On Sisteron’s side, the club is currently working to find a successor to Loïc Martinez on the bench of Team 1, which will also put him at the end of his collaboration after the last meeting. Replacing the raised foot Philippe Malheiro left during the season, Loïc Martinez wants to focus on coaching young teams.

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