sixty years of celebrated handball over the course of a week

Several boxing wars were once marked these years and two clubs then co -existed, the ASPTT and the CNL becoming ASL in 1966. In 1971, the ASPPT turned to athletics. It will only be the ASL which will become the HBCL in 1986. This new club will know its hour of sporting glory by evolving in N1 (third division) in early 2010 before opening the balance sheet in 2014.

Today the club is doing well and aspiring to find a higher level of sportsmanship for its seniors. Its president Philippe Botella has been preparing for the hand party for several weeks: “We wanted the season to end well. A club, which is not just two teams, we have almost 400 licensees (record at 440). Well -behaved youth teams, including the U15 Boys and the U18 Girls. For this holiday, we want to show the hand in all these forms today, the sandball, at hand together. The Federation has diversified its practice to make this sport more attractive. That is why, this festival will take a week to make a landmark event and to satisfy the need for volunteers. »

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