Siutat milite vively for a passage to 16 clubs

Guillaume MARION, Media365, posted June 14, 2022 to 12h15

While the project to move from 18 to 16 clubs in Betclic Elite was suspended by the clubs, Jean-Pierre Siutat, the president of the FFBB, took to the LNB on the subject. For him, this change will be positive for French basketball.

The longing for the future of Betclic Elite is not failing. While the upcoming French championship for 18 to 16 clubs, following a vote held in 2018, the measure had been suspended in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. or so, recently, the clubs of the National League (LNB) have renewed this reform until 2024, which is not to the fullest of Jean-Pierre Siutat, the president of the French Basketball Federation (FFBB). “We understand that Covid has touched the world. But he has good two. We do not fully agree with this stagnation of the LNB’s strategic plan. He had the goal of making the product more beautiful. I made it known at the LNB General Assembly (May 31); consider that the LNB does not fill part of the political command of the FFBB ”Said the French leader in particular.

“We can’t bring everything back to the economy”

“The order is not just to bring back 18 to 16 clubs in Betclic Elite. This is the will to be part of a pro basketball development project. (…) I understand the financial constraints but we can’t bring it all back to the economy. If the product was as good as that, it would have been more convenient to sell, right? That is why there is additional work to be done to improve all that, in training, the French identity of our basketball, which is put aside by this vote, further explained Siutat, in ‘ an interview given to The Team. (…) The sequel? He will fulfill our mission. Once the decision of the AG was noted, a plan to work with the LNB has been put in place, I hope this file is dealt with here by the end of June. In the coming weeks, there will be trends for French basketball.

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