Shane Wright, seen by a teammate

Alec Bélanger is well placed to answer all these questions. He was known as an opponent for a season and a half in the Ontario Hockey League (LHO). Then, they became co -workers, in January, when the Kingston Frontenacs acquired Alec Bélanger from Otawa.

In Kingston, the Franco-Ontarians quickly became friends with the talented striker from Burlington.

I am two years older than him, but I had the impression that he was two years older than me. It’s a super mature guyhe said entering the game.

Alec Bélanger will return to Kingston next year for his last season in the LHO (archives).

Photo: Frontenacs de Kingston

À Kingston, in a nommé Shane Wright captain even if he was only 17 at the beginning of the season. Despite all this, the leader never shook his head. Well on the contrary.

He will always see older guys to ask us for our opinion. As a captain, he is the voice of the group, but he is interested in the voices of all his teammatestells the one who has just celebrated his 20the anniversary of naissance.

Before knowing Shane Wright, Alec Bélanger asked what was the behavior of the young prodigy away from the projectors, for example in the bus or in the team’s uniform. Quickly, he was reassured.

He has a reserved side, but with his teammates, he is very funny. And rit, the dance. He is not entirely isolated from the group. This is a super good guytell him with a big smile speaking of the one he considers as a bon chum even if their friendship lasts only a few months.

« He is a really strong guy physically. He already has a human body. He lacks a bit of muscle, but he still has time to add. He is only 18 years old. »

A quote from Alec Bélanger, coéquipier of Shane Wright and LHO

After a match on the road, the Frontenacs captain takes advantage of the moment with his ice brothers to relax around a good old part of the cards.

game.”,”text”:”Il demandait aux gars de raconter des histoires. Il voulait rire. Il ne touchait pas à son téléphone. Très souvent, rendu à la maison, il regardait notre match et pensait à sa game.”}}”>He asked the men to tell stories. He wanted to laugh. He didn’t touch his phone. Very often, going home, he watched our match and thought of his game.

Alec Bélanger ended the season in Kingston where he played as an attacker and as a defender (archives).

Photo: Tom Martineau

And his defensive game?

Over the past few weeks, many hockey amateurs, journalists, analysts and recruiters, amateurs or professionals, have been cutting off the game of Shane Wright. With objectivity or bad faith, they raise their qualities and shortcomings.

Recently, some have pointed the finger at the lack of implication of the center player in his defensive zone. A former Montreal Canadian recruiter even compiled a 36 -minute video.

Alec Bélanger is relatively active on social networks. So he has not seen this video, but when we put the perfume of his existence, he can not hide his surprise. It’s really funny. Yes, you told me Shane was in charge of defenseanswer the one who is used both as an attacker and as a defender.

: ‘’Man, je ne suis pas aussi intelligent que toi sur une patinoire! Donne-moi un break’’”,”text”:”Il m’a même donné beaucoup de conseils sur mes sorties de zone. Une fois, je lui ai répondu: ‘’Man, je ne suis pas aussi intelligent que toi sur une patinoire! Donne-moi un break’’”}}”>He even gave me a lot of advice on my outings. Once, I replied to him: ”Men, I’m not as smart as you on a penny! Give me one breaktell him in a laugh.

More seriously, the Otawa 67 -year -old also has a hypothesis that could explain what could have been seen as a lack of defensive implication of Shane Wright.

contre2, le coach veut qu’on crée un revirement et que nos trois attaquants soient hauts [afin de créer un surnombre en territoire adverse].”,”text”:”À Kingston, on garde toujours nos attaquants très hauts. Si [l’autre équipe] s’en vient dans notre territoire à 2contre2, le coach veut qu’on crée un revirement et que nos trois attaquants soient hauts [afin de créer un surnombre en territoire adverse].”}}”>In Kingston, we always keep our attackers very high. Si [l’autre équipe] came in our territory to 2 against 2, the coach we want to create a reversal and let our three attackers stay high [afin de créer un surnombre en territoire adverse].

Shane Wright put a bad impact on the zone, which was incorrectly meeting the zone defense, via Alec Bélanger (archives).

Photo: La Presse canadienne / JASON FRANSON

To the amateurs of the team who will throw their devotion on the one who scored 160 points in 121 matches in the LHOAlec Bélanger reassures them: their new star is concerned about the defensive aspect of hockey.

So, what does he have to work on to pull his pin of the game into the best league in the world? His performances, he responds to his teammate who recorded a slightly lower performance of 50 %, last season (676 in 1355).

But Shane knows he needs to improve. When he avails a bad match [au cercle des mises au jeu], it was broken. The next morning, in training, he worked non -stop.

Wright or Slafkovsky?

For a few weeks, even a few months, Shane Wright no longer indisputably the one who is supposed to be the first class of this cave 2022. Suddenly, a Slovak by the name of Juraj Slafkovsky was included in the discussion.

Juraj Slafkovsky thinks he should be CH’s first choice in the next archives.

Photo: Associated Press / Martin Meissner

Alec Bélanger is the admirer without any genius: he does not know all this European that most have discovered at the Olympics. Neither of the other candidates. On the other hand, he knows it very well Shane Wright.

I would be surprised that a guy is even more complete than him. If Montreal is the recipe, the Canadians will have guys who do everything well on personalization, in addition to being super mature and positive.

« In the bus, he told me he wanted to learn French in case he was banned by Canadians. He simply wanted to say: ” thank you very much to the supporters ” [le soir même]. »

A quote from Alec Bélanger, subject to Shane Wright

What will the Canadians do? Answer: on 7 juillet.

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