“Sautron recounts history to women”

O Sautron, the awakening did not sound. At least it’s the pressure of places. Le HBC Sautron missed their debut (1-5 à la 11 ‘). When Coraline Hochard’s teammates went ahead, ten minutes into the final (20-22), it was said that victory was not far off. Unless a double digital inferiority for bad change has caused everything.

LIRE AUSSI. Sautron postponed the French Cup

Some rates forced Sautron to pass the seven -meter jets test. An exercise that the Sautronnaises had worked on. Not to mention that Marie Chapalain succeeded in the arrest she made on Sorbiers’ last attempt. As in 2018, with the Boys, Sautron writes the story.

Marion Daussy didn’t just want to win the tribune match. | GAËLLE LOUIS

Marion Daussy (left back of Sautron): «Sa isang vécu un debut de match cata! His loupe made us unmoved at first. One has to remove the roof, one has to move. When he returns to the match, it’s closed, we do the job, we place two more (22-20) and then there, we make a monumental mistake of change, we return to the field at seven! We didn’t manage the trick and behind us the bad player entered, so we were double inferior. But behold, we go to seek it with triplets, with the heart. There was a good example with our boys who had won in the same way four years, last seven meter jet and guard parade. The exploitation is repaid with much joy; history is told in a feminine way. We are very proud. It was unbelievable. It’s an extraordinary room, even a little empty. No of these supporters were at 250, and the huitième homme was with us today. It is there, in force, with the etiquette Pays de la Loire. »

Arrivée de Carquefou, Julie Fouchard at trouvé un club familial kasama si Sautron. | GAËLLE LOUIS

Julie Fouchard (left rear of Sautron): “The night was short, we were very stressed, which can explain our loss of ball early in the game. Personally, I was in trouble but I had them take me away. He was mobilized, we were encouraged, the coach as well and then the audience helped us. Despite all this, there are these bad changes, maybe a little lack of lucidity when we are two more. He takes 2×2 but he stays together and the audience doesn’t let us down. Sa les end. They had to set a goal, they came back at least one and then they played the same. If we don’t go to the goal, we only have to pass ten, and our goalkeeper is there to make the stops that must be left behind. Finally match zero…

Then, these are the shots at the goal, for which we were prepared. In each round, during the previous trainings, penalties were made at the end of the session. We knew that our guard would be there. We had confidence in her. After all, it’s in the head. One puts it in its bubble and one goes, this is not the time to let go.

The cut? This is magnifique. He will enjoy it. I thought for a while, I’m happy, I’m proud to be with this collective. It’s a family club, everyone is invested. It’s been a long time that I haven’t seen it in a handball club, let alone the supporters who are always there, even if it’s in the department, to encourage us, to push us or the leaders. I think that’s the power of Sautron. The night is going to be very long. It’s amazing what we’ve been seeing here since Friday afternoon. In the tube. When we arrived, the H took over, we were taken from places, we spent a little time together and we took a collective photo with them. »

Handball. department of the Coupe de France. Marion Daussy: “Sautron recounts history to women”

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