Sarlat will challenge another castor

In 2015, Nantes had more than 300,000 inhabitants against 9,000 for the Dordogne sub-prefecture. This does not stop the two clubs from competing for the national title. But it is in the quarterfinals, at Pons (17), that this poster is expected to take place on Sunday, June 12.

Xavier Darjo, coach of Genneviliers, knows both teams to have faced Nantes in the pool (losing 17-19 to 33-27) at Sarlat in the final (losing 14-48 to 22-21 in the previous round). «Rugby has no exact science. The Sarladais may have been more powerful and possessed in their ranks individualities that could at any time make a difference. But Nantes is more imaginative and plays a more degraded, less stereotyped rugby. I will definitely put a piece on the Nantais. »

“Aventure collective”

Here are the Sarladais prepared. When Roman Aleyrangues was announced in Floirac, complete with hemorrhage at the level of the back lines, Ludovic Pérusin, the deputy coach of the CAS, is facing this confrontation.

“It will be an indefinite encounter, which will be played out in detail. It will definitely be a high level match ”

“Humanly, we have experienced a remarkable season, which Sarlat will surely never revive again. Extra-sporting events disrupted us and the group wanted to finish their course together to end the collective adventure. It’s a direct elimination final match, either pass or fail. It will certainly be an indefinite encounter, which will be played out in detail. It will inevitably be a high -level match. We go ahead with the desire to make a good performance hoping that this quarter will allow us to reach a semi-final. That will be on Sunday, June 19, against the winner of the quarter between Salles and Isle-Jourdain.

On the Nantais side, the match against Bergerac (26-23) left traces. The third center line will be absent and the Ligeriens seem to have some concerns on the right side of the mix. In the blue and black, everyone is on the bridge and Eroni Tuwaï, of course, should take his place.

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